How to join

There will be ordinary and extra-ordinary members.

Ordinary members: 

Manufacturers within the European Community of gas infrared heaters, which are mainly used for industrial and commercial applications.

Extra-ordinary members:

Manufacturers or sellers of other infrared heating systems or suppliers of components within or outside the European Community. Extra-ordinary members can be as well sales organisations for gas infrared heaters, Government associations, scientific institutes, associations and engineering offices, consultant engineers and private persons.


An application for membership must be submitted in writing (formless application) with a short profile (for example image- or product-brochure) to:


Harald Petermann
Marienburger Straße 15

50968 Köln

Fon + 49(0)221 / 37668 – 57

Fax + 49(0)221 / 37668 – 60

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.